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п»їDresses for bridesmaids: Tips for buying them |
Tips for buying dresses for bridesmaids. Next, we review some considerations that you have to keep in mind when buying your godmother dress. Take note!
The bridesmaids of a wedding are an important part of any link, never forgetting that the main protagonist of that day is the bride. Therefore, we present some considerations that you can not forget when the time comes to buy your godmother dress. Next, we list them:
You should never eclipse the bride. While it is true that the godmothers will monopolize much of the looks of the guests, we must never forget that the bride is the main protagonist of such a special day. Therefore, when you go to buy your godmother dress you must buy a distinguished and elegant dress, which makes you stand out among the guests but, of course, without eclipsing the bride. For this reason, we recommend you not buy your suit until the bride has chosen his. In this way you will be better oriented to know which are the designs that you should avoid and which are the others among which you can choose.
Be careful with the color of your dress. In the same way that happens with the rest of the guests, the godmother should never wear a white dress since this color is reserved exclusively for the bride. Also, as far as possible you should avoid those colors that are too light, such as ivory, cream or beige.
In line with the most appropriate choice of colors for a godmother dress, you should consider whether the wedding is celebrated during the day or if, on the contrary, it will be held at night. In the case of day weddings the pastel tones are very flattering. Therefore, we advise you to choose shades such as green, salmon, pink or blue. For weddings that, on the contrary, are celebrated at night the gray, silver, dark blue, lilac or purple tones are perfect for the godmothers. However, we advise you not to get carried away by fashion and always choose a color that matches your skin color.
The length of the dress The godmothers can choose between a cocktail dress at knee level or just below, in the case of day weddings, and a long dress or suit for those links that are held at night. If, on the other hand, you are going to go to a more formal and formal wedding, it is convenient that the godmother look an extra long gala dress.
Dress design The key is to choose those designs that best suit your figure. The godmother is not obliged to wear a long wedding dress but can also opt, if you prefer, for a two-piece suit with jacket and skirt.
The choice of accessories. When we talk about accessories we mean headdresses. While it is true that it is not an obligatory element, it cannot be argued that it is the final touch to any party hairstyle. If you decide to wear one of these headdresses it must be in line with the style of the dress you have opted for. If you want to make your own headdress here we present a simple tutorial that teaches you in simple steps. The best choice for a day wedding is a pamela and a discreet one for those night weddings.
And, once you know all these considerations, you only have to choose the design you will wear. Here is the collection of Pronovias 2014 party dresses or these other party dress patterns that you can make yourself.

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